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[dry goods] grain export, required information and related content!

The export of biomass granule first requires the establishment of the company to make the export, and after the company, the procedures are as follows:




  The first part: commerce bureau (hall) to commerce bureau (hall) to deal with a foreign trade operator for the record registration form, referred to as "record registration, this is the first step, the following each link all needs for the record registration form of original or copy.

Specific measures for the first time:

1. Log on to the website of the ministry of commerce - government affairs - administration hall - foreign trade department - registration system for foreign trade operators - filing registration - online application materials.

2. Submit the following materials to the local business administration department (in duplicate, with official seal on each page).

1. Fill in the record registration form as required (if so, download the blank registration form on the computer);

2. Copy of business license;

3. Copy of the organization code certificate;

4. Copy of the legal representative's identity card;

5. If the foreign trade operator is a foreign-invested enterprise, it shall submit a copy of the approval certificate of the foreign-invested enterprise;

6. Individual industrial and commercial households (independent operators) that handle business registration according to law shall submit the notarization certificate issued by the legal notary public; Foreign (regional) circulation enterprises that handle business registration in accordance with the law shall submit certificates of financial credit issued by legal notaries.

7. If such changes are made, the source import and export qualification certificate (or record registration form) shall be provided.

8. If so, the change report should be provided.

After preparing the above information, submit it to the local business department. At present, only some cities have the right to record, and other city enterprises need to submit materials to the business office of the provincial (district) department after the local commercial authorities have sealed it. The general business office will print the original registration form of foreign trade managers within two working days after receipt of the materials. This process generally does not cost money.

Part two: customs.

To apply for the customs declaration registration certificate for import and export goods. "Registration certificate" for short. Materials to be submitted (all copies stamped with official seal) :

1. Original copy of business license and photocopy;

2. Original and photocopy of the record registration form for foreign trade dealers;

3. Original and photocopy of the articles of association;

4. The original copy of the tax registration certificate and the copy of the tax registration certificate, including the national tax and land tax;

5. Original and photocopy of bank opening permit;

6. Original copy and copy of the code certificate of the organization;

7. The registration form of customs declaration unit and the registration form of the management personnel of the customs declaration unit, these two tables shall be filled in blank form by the customs.

8. Identity card: including the corporate legal person, the person in charge of the enterprise, the person handling the business, and the finance director.

It is important to note that, in this link, all certificates and licenses need to be submitted for verification in addition to the id card. The customs will make the certificate within three working days and notify the enterprise to take it. With a certificate, you can buy an electronic port. The specific procedure is a little forgotten, I want to add in. With the certificate, you can carve the special seal for customs declaration. The formalities of engraving are silent. Follow the instructions of the customs. If there is no customs declaration enterprise, needs to delegate declaration, this time you can go to the customs declaration company to buy the customs declaration a power of attorney, the price is 50 yuan a, a book about 33.

The fourth link: the commodity inspection bureau, this link is with the third link, has the record registration form and the customs registration book, can go to handle. The way to deal with it is to fill in the application online first. The completed form is then printed out with the following information:

1. Original and photocopy of business license;

2. Original and photocopy of the original code certificate of the organization;

3. The original and photocopy of the customs registration certificate;

4. Original and photocopy of the registration form of the business department; The current inspection certificate is acceptable, and there is no charge for it.

The export goods process of foreign trade mainly includes: quotation, order, payment method, stock, packing, customs clearance, shipping, transportation insurance, bill of lading and settlement.

A, quotation

In international trade, it is usually the inquiry and quotation of the products as the beginning of trade. Among them, the quotation for export products mainly include: the quality of the product level, product specifications, product whether there is special packaging requirements, different levels of the purchased products, the requirements of delivery time, mode of transportation of the product, the material of products, etc.

The more commonly used quotations are: FOB" FOB", CNF" cost plus freight ", CIF" cost, insurance and freight "etc.

Ii. Order (contract)

After the parties agree on the price, the buyer shall make a formal order and negotiate with the seller's enterprise on some related matters. After negotiation, both parties need to sign the purchase contract. In the process of signing the purchase contract, mainly for the name of commodity, specifications, quantity, price, packing, origin, time of shipment, terms of payment, payment, claim and arbitration in talks, and the agreement after talks to "purchase contract". This marks the formal beginning of the export business. Normally, two copies of the purchase contract shall be signed by the two parties, and each party shall keep one copy.

Iii. Payment method.

There are three kinds of international payment methods commonly used, namely, letter of credit payment, TT payment method and direct payment method. 1. Payment by l/c.

The letter of credit is divided into two categories: clean bill of credit and documentary credit. Documentary letter of credit is a letter of credit with a specified document, which is not attached to any document. In short, a letter of credit is the guarantee of the exporter's payment. Please note that export goods within the time of shipment should be in the validity of the l/c, l/c period must not later than by l/c within the valid date of submission, jinan crown mechanical writing it.

The issuing date of the credit shall be clear, clear and complete. China's state-owned commercial Banks, such as bank of China, China construction bank, agricultural bank of China, industrial and commercial bank of China, etc., will be able to open the l/c to foreign (this several major Banks issuing fees are issuing amount of 1.5 ‰).

2. TT payment method.

The TT payment method is settled in foreign exchange cash, and your client will remit the payment to the bank account designated by your company, and you can request the goods to be transferred within a certain period of time.

3. Direct payment method.

It means direct delivery and payment by both parties.

Four, stock up

In the whole trade process, the goods should be carried out in accordance with the contract. The main contents of stock preparation are as follows:

1. The quality and specifications of the goods shall be verified according to the requirements of the contract.

2. Quantity of goods: guarantee to meet the requirements of contract or letter of credit.

3. Preparation time: according to the stipulations of the letter of credit, the shipping schedule should be combined to facilitate the cargo connection. $page $

Five, packaging

You can choose the packing form (e.g. cartons, wooden cases, woven bags, etc.) according to the different goods. The packaging requirements of different packaging are also different.

1. General export packing standard: packing according to the standard of trade export.

2. Special export packing standard: according to the special requirements of the customer, the packaging of export goods shall be carried out.

3. Packing and shipping marks of the goods (shipping marks) : it shall be carefully checked and verified to comply with the stipulations of the l/c.

6. Customs clearance procedures.

The customs formalities are extremely cumbersome and extremely important. If you can't pass the customs clearance, you can't complete the transaction.

1. Export commodities subject to statutory inspection shall be subject to inspection certificate of export commodities.

At present, China's import and export commodity inspection mainly has four parts:

Acceptance inspection: the inspection means that the foreign trade relations person reports to the commodity inspection agency for inspection.

Sampling: after accepting the inspection, the commodity inspection authorities shall send personnel to the storage site for on-site inspection and identification.

Inspection: after accepting the inspection, the commodity inspection authorities shall carefully study the declared inspection items and determine the inspection content. And carefully examine the stipulations of the contract (l/c) regarding quality, specification and packing, and clarify the basis of inspection, and determine the inspection standard and method. (inspection method has sampling inspection, instrument analysis and inspection; Physical examination; Sensory examination; Microbiological testing, etc.

Issued the certificates: in terms of exports, all included in the [list] within the export goods, after inspection by the commodity inspection authorities, release permit issued by (or on the "export goods customs declaration" release chop, in lieu of release permit). The export code for biomass granule fuel is 4401100000 firewood (round wood section, block, branch, bundling or similar shape).

2, must by professional personnel who hold customs declaration certificate, packing list and invoice, customs declaration a power of attorney, export foreign exchange verification and export text such as copy of the contract goods, export commodity inspection certificate to the customs offices for handling the formalities of customs clearance.

The packing list is the packing details of the export products provided by the exporter.

The invoice is the export product certificate provided by the exporter.

Customs declaration is a certificate issued by a unit or individual that does not have the capacity to declare customs declaration.

The export verification certificate shall be submitted by the export unit to the foreign exchange bureau, indicating a document for export tax rebate of the unit with export capacity.

Is the inspection certificate by entry-exit inspection and quarantine department or its designated inspection agencies and get after inspection, is all kinds of import and export commodity inspection certificate, appraisal certificate and other certificates. Relevant parties to perform the contract obligation, is foreign trade processing claims, and in arbitration and litigation proof, has the legal basis of the valid documents, as well as the customs clearance, tariffs and preferential tariff concessions necessary to prove.

Seven, shipment

In the process of loading the goods, you can determine the mode of shipment according to the quantity of the goods, and insure the goods according to the risks stipulated in the purchase contract. Optional: jinan guanbei machine writing this article.

1. Complete the container.

Type of container (also called container) :

(1) according to the size of specifications: currently, DRYCONTAINER is commonly used in the world:

The outside size is 20 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet 6 inches, or 20 feet container.

40 feet by 8 feet by 6 inches. And in recent years, more than 40 feet X8 feet X9 feet 6 inches, or 40 feet tall cabinet.

20 feet cabinet: the content product is 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, and the gross weight is 17.5 tons, and the volume is 24-26 cubic meters.

40 feet cabinet: the content product is 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, the gross weight of the cargo is 22 tons, and the volume is 54 cubic meters.

40 feet high cabinet: the content product is 11.8 m X2.13 m X2.72 m. The gross weight of the cargo is 22 tons, and the volume is 68 cubic meters.

45 feet high cabinet :13.58 m X2.34 m X2.71 m, the gross weight of the cargo is 29 tons, and the volume is 86 cubic meters.

20 feet open top cabinet: the content product is 5.89 meters X2.32 meters X2.31 meters, the gross weight of the cargo is 20 tons, and the volume is 31.5 cubic meters.

40 feet open top cabinet: the content product is 12.01 meters X2.33 meters X2.15 meters, and the distribution gross weight is 30.4 tons, and the volume is 65 cubic meters.

20 feet flat container: 5.85 m X2.23 m X2.15 m, gross weight 23 tons, volume 28 cubic meters.

40 feet flat container: contents: 12.05 m X2.12 m X1.96 m, gross weight 36 tons, volume 50 cubic meters.$page$.

(2) according to the box materials: aluminum alloy containers, steel plate containers, fiberboard containers, and fiberglass containers.


2. Assemble the container.

Assembly container, generally according to the volume weight of the exported goods to calculate the freight.

Viii. Transportation insurance.

Generally, the parties have agreed on the related matters concerning transportation insurance in the purchase contract. Common insurance includes Marine cargo transportation insurance, air mail cargo transportation insurance, etc. Among them, the risks covered by the Marine cargo insurance clauses are divided into basic risks and additional risks:

(1) there are three types of basic risks: Free from Paricular Average-F.P.A., With Average or With Particular Average or W.P.A and All Risk-A.R. The coverage of fpa covers the total loss of goods caused by natural disasters at sea; The overall loss of cargo in handling and transshipment; Cost of sacrifice, sharing and salvage caused by general average; The total loss and partial loss of the goods caused by the collision, stranding, sinking, collision, flood and explosion of the transport vessel. Wpa is one of the basic risks of Marine insurance. In accordance with the terms of insurance of the people's insurance company of China, the scope of its liability is to bear the risk of adverse weather, lightning, tsunami, flood and other natural disasters in addition to the risks listed in the fpa. The coverage of all risks is equal to the sum of wpa and general additional risks.

(2) additional risks. Additional risks have general additional risks and special additional risks. General additional risks have steal non-delivery risks, fresh water, rain, smoke secretly short volume, leakage, breakage, hook broken, mixed contamination risks, breakage of packing, mildew, be affected with damp be affected with damp heat risks, risk of odor, etc. Special additional risks include war risk, strike risk, etc.

Nine, bill of lading

The bill of lading is a document issued by the foreign shipping company after the export customs clearance and customs clearance.

The bill of lading is issued in three copies according to the requirements of the l/c. The exporter shall keep two copies, handle the business of tax refund, and send the goods to the importer for handling the goods.

The importer must carry out the goods on the basis of the bill of lading, packing list and invoice. (the exporter shall send the original bill of lading, packing list and invoice to the importer.)

If the goods are transported by air, the goods can be extracted directly by fax of bill of lading, packing list and invoice.

Ten, the settlement of exchange

After the export goods are shipped, the import and export company shall, in accordance with the stipulations of the credit, correct the documents (packing list, invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, export settlement) and other documents. Within the validity period of the documents stipulated in the credit, the bank shall handle the negotiation and settlement procedures.

In addition to the settlement of letters of credit, the remittance of other payments is usually TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER(T/T), DEMAND DRAFT(D/D)) and letter of exchange (M).





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