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The biomass boiler itself has a high impact on the coking phenomenon of biomass particles.

1. Air ratio of biomass boiler:
Biomass fuels a certain case, blast in combustion machine distribution form the local high temperature in the hearth is also the cause of coking in the hearth burning machine, reduce the blast wind pressure, adding or strengthening the boiler exhaust also reduces coking degree, so it is very important to choose suitable air distribution ratio. Besides the reason of biomass fuel and the distribution of biomass boiler, the design of biomass boiler furnace and feeding speed can also cause coking. Therefore, the problem of coking needs to be checked gradually. Don't blindly think it is the reason of particle material or biomass boiler. Improper operation can also be an important factor of coking.
2\ the coking of biomass fuel itself with ash and its doped substance.
(1) the biomass boiler coking mainly refers to the ash after combustion, mostly melting at high temperature for liquid or soften state, if the ash remains softening state when encountering the heating surface, due to cooling and binding on the heating surface, formation of coking.
A, is the main factor affecting the ash melting point of ash in chemical composition and the surrounding environment of high temperature medium, both influence each other, once the boiler combustion adjustment do not reach the designated position, will appear incomplete combustion products, the surrounding medium is weak reducibility, lower ash melting caused coking in furnace. Because biomass combustion of biomass fuel boiler ash melting point is lower, so the dust easily attached on the furnace and superheater tube wall, if the fuel moisture is too large, water produced in the combustion will soften the potassium (because the main composition of ash content of potassium), when heated potassium caused coking over time.
B. The temperature level on the surface of the heating surface in the furnace. In the case of ash melting point, the temperature level and its distribution in the furnace are the important factors for coking. Experience shows that the boiler coking in flue and surface of superheater, liquid or soft ash particles by inertial effect to the heating surface movement in the process, because the ash particles movement speed, by the cooling effect is poor, molten ash particles easily adhesion, make the slag layer accumulation grew up rapidly. Studies show that the temperature increases and the degree of coking will increase exponentially. The coking not only affects the heat transfer of the boiler, but also blocks the flue gas passage of coke and ash, increases the flue gas flow rate, forms the flue gas corridor, aggravates the wear of the heating surface, and affects the normal operation of the production.
(2) coking formed after fuel doping. When the fuel is burned in the furnace, it is easy to coking and ashes on the heating surface of the boiler.
A, because of the biomass fuel can't guarantee in the process of manufacturing A raw materials processed so diverse, more impurities (mixed with clay, sand), high ash and alkali metal content is high, so in the process of production will inevitably in the mud, sand mixed with fuel, the presence of these impurities changed fuel composition, form, melting temperature, intensified in coking heating surface.
B. we can't control when purchasing fuel particle biomass granule manufacturer will be a lot of mud, sand mixed with fuel in the presence of these impurities changed fuel composition, form, melting temperature, intensified in coking heating surface.
By analyzing the believe that you already know, biomass pellet machine coking reason lies in the biomass boiler itself, so we do as long as the good control of biomass granule raw materials have our things, but if there are any competitors are in obvious to grab market share, that we should take measures, first statement, biomass pellet production itself is not to need to add any glue, but in order to prevent coking can add just the right amount of additives (such as quartz sand or fly ash, gypsum, bentonite, etc.) can effectively prevent the biomass ash slagging. In relative terms, the resistance of gypsum and calcium phosphate is poor, and the anti-slag properties of bentonite are better, but the price is more expensive. Additives are generally added in the process of pre-pressure transportation, so as to make it easy to mix well. When adding, pay attention to uniformity and avoid uneven coalescence due to different gravity.





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