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What should be paid attention to in the application process of biomass particle fuel?

Biomass fuel is burning biomass materials as fuel, general mainly agriculture and forestry waste (such as straw, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, etc.) as raw material, after crushing, mixing, extrusion, such as drying process, made from a variety of molding, such as the massive, granular, etc.), a new type of clean fuel for combustion can be directly.




I. specific technology.

The solidification molding of biomass particles is usually divided into three stages: dry crushing stage, precompression stage and molding compression stage, and the molding compression stage is the most important stage.

Biomass raw material after broken from the loading port after feeding ground dragon into the forming room, in the molding room, spindle drive the ring die, under the influence of friction, pressure roller and the ring die rotate at the same time, the material feeding scraper is caught up in between the ring die and roller, the relative rotation of raw materials gradually extrusion, and into the ring die, in the ring die forming, and constantly to squeeze out outside the hole, then cut off by the cutter according to the required length forming particles, pressure during grain material is in the die and the roller under the action of strong compression force through all throughout the ring die holes and compaction molding.


2. Matters needing attention.

So what are the issues that need to be addressed in biomass fuel applications to the combustion furnace?

First, pay attention to safety. Follow the instructions carefully before use, and make sure that the user can only be delivered after being able to operate independently.

Second, the room should add a fan, in order to eliminate indoor harmful gas.

Third, choose the high calorific value fuel as far as possible, such as wood chip, sawdust and so on, and demand the fuel is drier, the more finely ground is better, different fuel use effect is different also. If the smoke is found in the kitchen, the biomass fuel is too large or too wet.

Fourth, other details, such as gasifier continuous use time is too long, will find kitchen with white smoke, the intake nozzle around the lack of fuel in the furnace, the furnace is endogenous substance fuel mix to middle or add the appropriate.

Iii. Features

Biomass fuel is characterized by small accumulation density, low energy density, large space for transportation and storage, and high cost, which seriously restricts the large-scale application of biomass energy. Biomass forming not only can be used as fuel to replace the direct combustion of coal exploitation, at the same time can also be through carbonization carbonization technology, liquefaction technology, gasification technology for deep processing, thus solving the problem of economy and practicability of the biomass utilization, biomass energy scale application.



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