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How to choose raw material granule material?

The biomass particles are also called sawdust particles, which are mainly produced by wood processing and wood-based panel production, such as sawdust, shavings, barks, sanding powder, waste wood, and branches. All kinds of straw produced after harvest; Other kinds of combustion of biomass as a raw material processing and become, for burning, barbecue and fireplace heating, the combustion efficiency was over 80% (more than ordinary coal combustion efficiency of about 60%), high combustion efficiency, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen compounds and less dust. So, what needs to be paid attention to the selection of sawdust particles? Here are six key points:


Water requirement is strict:


The water requirement of the raw material of sawdust granule is strict, no matter what kind of sawdust, water content must be kept in a range (preferably between 14% and 20%), it is too dry to form, water is big and easy to loose.


Adhesion of materials themselves:


The material itself must have adhesive force. If not, then the chip granule presses the product either out of shape or loose and easily broken. So, if you see that the material that doesn't have the glue in itself can be compressed into particles or blocks, the raw material must have been tampered with, or fermented or added to something like adhesives.


Add adhesive:


It is possible to make sawdust particles with pure wood chips, and no other adhesives need to be added, because wood chips are a kind of crude fiber raw material, which has certain adhesion. After the compression of sawdust granule, it can be formed naturally, and it will be strong. The pressure on the granulator is very large.


Can different kinds of wood chips be adulterated?


It is said to use pure wood chips, not to be able to adulterate other kinds of wood chips. All kinds of wood chips, wood shavings, mahogany, poplar can be used, the furniture factory's waste materials can also. More widely, like crop straw, peanut shell, and all these things can be used as the raw material of wood pellet machine, certainly can't make particles called sawdust particles, but the straw particles.




Size of raw material after crushing:

The raw materials of sawdust and branches must be pulverized and crushed to make the granules. The size of the crushing should be determined according to the diameter of the expected particles and the size of the diameter of the die. The crushing of too small will affect the output, and even produce no material.

What about raw material mildew?

The raw material is musty, the color becomes black, and the cellulose in sawdust is decomposed by microorganism and cannot be compressed into qualified particles. If it is not used, it is recommended to add more than 50% of fresh wood chips to mix, otherwise it will not be able to be compressed into qualified particles.


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