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Pulse dust collector

 Production introduction:

Pulse dust collector, is a small sized bag filter which was improved with innovation based on existing product. It works with High Pressure Air (0.5-0.7Mpa) and high flow pulse valve clean bag by bag. Compared with local products, the pulse filter collector has high cleaning force and high efficiency. It is designed in small size, light in weight, simple and compact structure, easy to install, easy maintenance (outer filtering). Pulse dust collector can be widely used in construction materials, metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal, biomass new energy, non-metallic mineral ultrafine powder processing industries, where there is need for gas purification, and it perfectly fit for dust removal from the exhaust gas.
working principle:
Dusty gas come from the inlet into the silo, or through an open flange into the bag chamber, dusty gas is filtered through filter bags and become clean gas and goes to the clean gas chamber, and then exhausted via the outlet by a fan. Dusts are kept outside of the bags, and accumulated little by little, the become resistance force of filtering, to keep the resistance force not exceed 1200Pa and keep the bags working, dust must be removed from the bags at certain intervals. Cleaning is done by a PLC program controlled valve inject in sequence compressed air (0.5-0.7Mpa) through the blowing pipe (primary air) to the bag via Venturi tube to create multiples of the primary air pressure (secondary air) into the filter bag, to give the bag rapid expansion, along with reverse airflow force shake off the dust, thus the dust is cleaned away.

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