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Enterprise culture

Basic idea: people-oriented, pursue the common development enterprise value of individual and society.

Customer satisfaction: discover customer demand, bring value to customers, respect and care for customers.

Respect for individuals: open and honest communication, fair treatment, mutual trust, mutual support and acceptance of different things.
Team work: support for team work spirit and support for other team members.
Sense of purpose: common vision and goal, responsibility, determination to win and praise.

Knowledge sharing: active knowledge sharing, independent acquisition of new knowledge.
Keep learning: innovation and courage, support for development, tolerance for failure, never complacent, and keep a humble and open mind.
Our commitment
The dawn of the new century has given us a vibrant, innovative personality and enterprising courage.
We firmly believe that only constant innovation of enterprises can be in an impregnable position in the new competitive environment, we all business activities should be to create economic benefits, influence and by the people for the enterprise to bring the improvement of the quality of life; Our actions should have a positive impact; We will be open and honest about our relationships and responsible for our actions.

For society, we promise:
Abide by national laws and regulations and be honest.
Respect for personal dignity and rights.
Deal with relationships in a mutually beneficial manner, win trust and be willing to deal with us.
Strive to win new customers with new thinking and new creativity.
Strive to improve financial performance and maximize long-term shareholder value.
For employees, we promise:
Create a working environment where mutual trust and respect, a rare difference, encourages participation, and each employee:
Understand the company's requirements for its position.
Have an open and open discussion about their performance.
In an innovative culture, each employee's ability can be improved and self-developed within the company.
Individual performance is promised and rewarded with competitiveness.
I have the opportunity to express my views and make my own contribution to the improvement of collective performance.

Fair treatment, no discrimination. 

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