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BSR_1037 particles machine

Technical parameters : 


Model Capacity Main Motor Power Aauxiliary Motor Power Dimensions Weight
BSR-1037L 5.5T/H 315KW 18KW 4100*2230*1950 14.7T


Production introduction:

Horizontal intelligent pellet machine

The BSR series high efficiency pellet machines, are designed and developed by us which is world first and our standard products, and is also innovation based on the existing machines, but broke through conventional design concept for pellet machines. The driving system is tailor made and developed under cooperation with local famous stock enterprise. External press-roll bearing design and lubricate separately, automatic monitoring and interlock system of the complete machine, which ensure the machine can running continuous 24-hour and grease free. The mould and press roll are made of special material and CNC manufactured, wear parts have a remarkable life time which is multiples of similar products. It has a modern design, well structured, running stable, and above all low energy consumption. BSR pellet machines is in the world leading position, their features are absolutely different from the most of the existing machines which are well known as ‘high failure rate, high energy consumption, low capacity and can’t work continuously’ BSR Series Pellet Machines, are especially fit for those materials which are difficult to press, bonding and forming, such as rice hulls, peanut shells and other shell, tree branches, trunk, bark and all kinds of wood wastes, crop straws and fungus pack, etc. They can be widely used in biomass power plant, wood processing factories, biomass fuel mills, etc, and have a very low investment but with a very short payback time.

Product features

Press roll bearings external design, grease free.

Recycling water cooling system.

Temperature monitoring at key points.

One-touch open system with limit switch.

Press roll gap adjusting during operation.

Auto-oil feeding and slowing function (optional).

Mould ring and press roll synchronized operation.

Tailor made tools mould ring and press roll installation and disassembling.

Low-sensitivity to water content of material.

Running stable, high capacity and low failure rate.

Easy to operate

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